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Global Town Hall is a totally independent global organization with persons throughout the world coming together to learn about, talk about, and find solutions to the most pressing Global issues of our time. In the U.S GTH will be a 501c3 organization and we will be appropropriate registered in other countries as well. GTH will have no connections with any government, any corporation, or any policy lobbying organizations unless we specifically list them. All funds will be publicly accounted at the end of each year and known to all. The following professional staff positions will be filled as soon as financial resources are available:


Executive Director -
Chief Programmer -
Director for Sponsors and Outreach -
Director for Media -
Director for Global Town Halls -
Assistant Director for Global Town Halls -
Student Intern for programming
Student Internet for media affairs


Mark Bruzonsky - USA, Washington
USA, New York
USA, Los Angeles
Sharif Aly - Canada
Jonathan Van Meele - Holland
Hisham Ahmed - Palestine
China, Beijing
China, Shanghai
Pakistan, Islamabad
Pakistan, Karachi
India, New Delhi
India, Mumbai
Lebanon, Beirut
Syria, Damascus
Israel, Jerusalem
Israel, Tel Aviv
Egypt, Cairo
England, London
France, Paris
Italy, Rome
Greece, Athens
Omar Quorah - Ramallah, Occupied West Bank

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