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with globally concerned persons
all around our Globe  

The internet is global and wonderful right from your own home and office!  But there's still no substitute for seeing for yourself and taking in our globe whenever you can.  We want to encourage and facilitate global travel, global experiences, and global understanding.   To do so we will make it easy for persons to find other persons around the globe with similar concerns and interests and who are eager to have people visiting from other countries stay with them in their homes or apartments at costs far lower than hotels.  Go out and see the world and do so for far less money than ever before!

Persons who use and who come to our Global Town Halls will be encouraged to become members.  Membership will be optional and will have a number of benefits associated with it.   Members will be encouraged to join our social networking services and optionally to indicate if they have a place for other members visiting their city to stay and on what terms.


        Global Relationships:

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