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Global Town Halls Sundays 12pm to 1pm  ET


Princeton's Prof. Oppenheimer and James Hansen Lay out the Dire Global Warming Facts as the "Point of No Return" Looms.

CRISIS Middle East!

The one and only Robert Fisk from Beirut tells it like it really is!

Solving Global Poverty!
To be announced

WAR Crimes?

Arudhati Roy in Delhi and Richard Falk in Istanbul fodus now on how to prevent future War Crimes.

Global Consciousness
Time for transnationalism -
Einstein/s vision then and now.

Global Town Halls are live, spontaneous, interactive, and focused on Solutions to our major Global Problems.

Meet the very best experts on our Globe who have bold and inspiring Solutions to our great Global Problems.  Sign-Up Now to Attend and Get Background Information and Reminders.

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